About Us

Eastbay Cloud Services (ECS) is a Gold-Certified Microsoft cloud productivity solutions provider that helps customers navigate the ever-changing technology climate that their businesses rely upon. With a legacy of innovation and deep technical expertise, ECS is empowering all sized businesses to harness the Microsoft cloud and emerging technologies such as, AI, machine learning, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Our ability to apply best practices and provide exceptional solutions has resulted in numerous industry awards – Top 100 Solutions provider, Innovation Security Partner of the Year – North America, Echelon Wealth Partners’ Canadian Entrepreneur Report, acknowledging and celebrating business excellence 2019!


ECS provides management services you need and are looking for.


Keeping data secure is more than a full time job and we have the solutions to suit your needs.


Helping customers transition and embrace the cloud paradigm shift

Cost Management

ECS helps you perform deductive and predictive analytics on their past and expected cloud spend.

Services We offer